Have you ever found yourself in such a hurry that you’ve walked straight into a glass door? It’s as much a shock as it is painful, and all because you did not notice the transparent glass. A regrettable accident that occurred simply because there were no safety decals in place!


Of major concern is the fact that this kind of collision can cause painful injuries and concussions, and even worse if the glass breaks and results in serious lacerations. And even though it may be straightforward to explain to anyone concerned how you broke your nose or bruised your face – it need never happen in the first place.

Glass manifestation for human (and animal) safety has become a mandatory requirement for any premises where glass walls or doors are installed. Of all the services we offer at Sydney Signs Portal, safety decal installation for your glass can be done with minimal fuss and on a small budget.

The most challenging decision you’ll have is choosing from the great range of options we offer. So, depending on the type of business or organisation you have, you can choose safety decals of any size or colour, or they can be custom made in any shape.

The main rule is to ensure there is high contrast between the safety decal and the interior of the premises. Visibility is key! There is so much about the work we do at Sydney Signs Portal that is enjoyable and provides us with a sense of achievement, but it is particularly rewarding to work on glass manifestation decals for a business. Along with preventing damage to premises, glass safety decals allow people to move safely through an urban environment. And that should never be taken for granted.

Custom-made Safety Decals

Are you aware if the safety decals on your office glass partitions are of a standard that will actually prevent your staff and clients from walking into the glass and potentially sustaining injury?


Have you ascertained that your existing glass safety bands contrast sufficiently with your office interior to ensure there are no collisions with the glass? This can often occur when the office interior design is changed, or a wall mural or sign is added to an office, subsequent to the installation of glass safety marks.


As a business owner or manager, it is incumbent upon you to ensure that the windows and glass doors in your office comply with the minimum safety requirements. And, of course, it is desirable that your glazing mark decals be pleasing to the eye and incorporate appropriately with your office interior.


Too many people make the assumption that they are limited in their choice of glass manifestation safety decals. However, here at Sydney Signs Portal, we have a wealth of experience in designing and creating glass safety marks that reflect your company’s branding, colours and logo. All that, while still meeting glass safety requirements. It is that dual purpose – of safety and branding – that our team is always mindful of, and has spent years perfecting.


There are several ways that safety decal branding can be done. Your company logo or company name can be printed on frosted safety decals. Elements of your company branding can be cut out of the safety band, a process that offers countless variations. In fact, your options are endless and limited only by imagination.


We have a proud history at Sydney Signs Portal of specialising in designing, creating and installing custom made decals, wall graphics and signs. We have taken great care and developed a deep understanding of legal requirements to include safety decals among the list of products we specialise in tailoring specifically to your office.


It is often the smaller details that leave a lasting impression. Your clients will appreciate the creative approach of expressing branding in glass safety stickers, and be impressed with the accompanying attention to a pleasing aesthetic. Noticing that level of care on a feature as seemingly minor as a glass safety band, speaks clearly to client, telling them that they are in good hands.